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Your perfect Front Entry Door is waiting…

How do you view your front door? Do you see it as a first impression, the initial entryway into your personal escape from the outside world, or just a roadblock to filter who are welcomed from those who are not? Here at Classic Sash, we understand the pride taken in all parts of your home; however, we take a special interest in the areas of windows and doors—especially when it comes to front entry doors.

We have long been passionate about the importance of front entry doors and the positive effects they can have on one’s home. Nevertheless, our collaboration with Bo Sullivan of Arcalus Period Design has added an entirely new depth to our service capabilities.

As the former Senior Designer and Architectural Historian for 20 years at Rejuvenation, Bo has become fluent in “house-speak,” with an enthusiasm for custom entry doors. Bo’s design expertise, dating back to the 1800s’ through current day contemporary work, is unmatched around the city and allows homeowners to create a personal picture-perfect entryway setting that complements and enhances the style of their home.

“What if I don’t know much, or anything at all, about classic home design? How do I know what I want?” you might ask.

No need to fret. Bo’s collection of dozens of historic mill work catalogues offers inspiration and ideas to help visualize the ideal entry door for your home.

As Bo likes to put it, the relationship between a house and homeowner is much like a dance—one or the other can take the lead, but both need to work together. Whether you are the star of the dance or your home takes the first step, we here at Classic Sash invite you to begin that dance with us.

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Your perfect Front Entry Door is waiting…

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