Why We Choose MARVIN  WINDOWS as the Ideal Replacement Windows

Classic Sash & Door provides replacement window solutions of lasting worth and timeless quality. Marvin Windows allows us to fulfill this promise to you. Together, the three lines of Marvin Windows that we carry offer the finest design and construction in a variety of materials – from wood clad to fiberglass – plus as a wide selection of versatile designs to enhance your home’s architectural style. As well, Marvin Windows are available in a large assortment of specialty shapes, while Marvin’s proprietary fiberglass construction allows for windows as large as 49 square feet.

For our customers seeking custom designs, the Ultimate line offers a vast selection of shapes, styles, sizes, and options, with extensive customization opportunities and versatility across architectural styles, including traditional, contemporary, transitional, historic, craftsman, or whatever style inspires you.

Marvin Windows have been at the forefront of technological and aesthetic improvements in windows. The innovative material and engineering technologies that drive their advancements maximize energy efficiency, functionality, performance and security. At the same time, Marvin continuously creates innovative, diverse styles to fit every home, from historic to modern. We have found Marvin Windows to be the ideal replacement windows for the many architectural styles of Portland homes.

Please explore the entire Marvin Collection below.


Homeowners that buy Marvin replacement windows designed and crafted for efficiency and durability experience a positive impact on monthly energy costs. Savings can be substantial, adding up to thousands of dollars over the years. As well, your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard to maintain your preferred internal climate.


Marvin windows are incredibly efficient. Year in and year out, they minimize heat loss in the winter and cool air exchange in the summer. When we install Marvin replacement windows and in your Portland home, you’ll find that you use much less energy than you do now. You can feel good about doing your part to reduce your carbon impact on the planet.


Marvin replacement windows are designed and built to meet modern security standards, repelling forcible entry and resisting tampering. Plus, Marvin incorporates user-friendly hardware and lock systems on the inside, allowing people to easily escape in an emergency such as fire.



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