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We Are the People in Your Neighborhood

All of us who live in Portland know the camaraderie that Portlanders (and Portland’s neighbors) share. We love that large, iconic volcano to the east of us. We love our rivers, big trees, and we even love our rain. We also love our neighborhoods, full of some of the most varied and beautiful home architectural styles in the country. It’s part of the pride of the Portland area that we have precious few cookie cutter housing tracts and plenty of architectural diversity. While some neighborhoods are defined by a predominant style, a long walk or short drive through the Portland area reveals a cornucopia of architectural designs, including Bungalow, Cape Cod, Colonial (with Dutch, French, Georgian, German, Mid-Atlantic, and Spanish sub-styles), Craftsman, Foursquare (Old Portland), Ranch, Tudor Revival, and Victorian, plus here and there a uniquely modern home redefining classic.

Since 1987, the team at Classic Sash & Door has lived, raised our families, and installed Marvin replacement windows in our local neighborhoods, from West Linn and Lake Oswego to Portland. Chances are you’ve seen our trucks, said hi to our installers, and admired the custom windows or doors we installed in one of your neighbor’s family homes in the Alphabet District or Dunthorpe, Eastmoreland, Grant Park, Irvington, Laurelhurst neighborhoods. The pride and care we take in our work grows from the pride in Portland’s classic architecture that we share with you. Portland and surrounding towns are our neighborhoods and we love the opportunity to use our architectural knowledge and window expertise to match and enhance the styles of our local homes, both historic and contemporary. Part of our joy in our work is knowing that we are simultaneously enhancing and prolonging the beauty of our neighborhoods by installing classic, durable windows that will endure far into the future.

Over the last 35 years, we’ve also gotten to know many of our neighbors personally as they’ve invited us into their homes to work with them on window selection and installation. We respect our clients homes by working quickly, quietly, and cleanly. There is nothing better than the smiles of a family when they first walk into a room that has been transformed by new windows. More light and new, larger window delight us and our clients. We’re happy to hear that a customer has enjoyed reduced heating bills since we installed efficient, double-glazed replacement windows. The homeowners we work for take great pleasure in, and care of their classic homes, so we’re always glad to hear that the replacement windows or doors that we installed not only increased the financial value of their house, but boosted their aesthetic appreciation of their home as well. Best of all is when we get a call from a homeowner seeking replacement windows or doors who tells us that their neighbor recommended us. We know that, when you work with your neighbors, word gets around so you need to provide good value and be true to your word to earn and retain such trust.

We like to say that when we install beautiful new replacement windows in a classic home we improve the homeowners’ and their neighbors’ views – by making the home and the neighborhood more beautiful. Take a walk around your neighborhood. You’ll likely see our work. You may even see one of our lawn signs or trucks. If so , say hi to one of our friendly team members. Feel free to ask them about new windows or doors for your home. Are your current windows getting towards the end of their usefulness? Do you need more light in that dark room? Need a secure, solid front door that complements and accents your home’s style and makes a good first impression to your guests? Give us a call to chat about the possibility of Marvin replacement windows, or new Simpson doors, for your home. We’re happy to come out and assess your current windows, get to know you and listen to your dreams for new ones. We’ll make the best recommendations to fit your tastes and budget with a free estimate. Our visits are always low key, informational, and no pressure. After all, anything else just wouldn’t be neighborly

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We Are the People in Your Neighborhood

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