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Double Hung Windows

Marvin introduces the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung

Hello, and happy fall! Once again, that time when kids return to class and school nights set the stage for family fun. Often times the transition into fall can be complete with a diverse set of rainy days and dry nights, leaving a homeowner in a constant struggle between circulating the natural ventilation or holing up and hunkering down. As Portland’s scorching summer eases into fall’s blend of gloom and glamour, we here at Classic Sash invite you to take a look at Marvin’s Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window and its ability to provide the perfect setting for any weather condition.

As they do so often, Marvin has once again raised the bar in innovation. The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is the first and only window to come equipped with a keeperless hardware system, rather than relying on a traditional window lock. With one slide of the sash lock, you have access to operate both sashes completely independently of each other. Whether it’s a sunny Saturday and you want maximum ventilation, or it’s a Sunday down-pour, and you need to keep all the warm air you can, this window has you covered.

Additionally, the window offers a vent mode in which the window can be locked in place with only four inches of clearance to provide just the right amount of airflow. Tilt mode, yet another new element of the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, features a push button on the sash lock that allows for simple tilting of the lower sash for easy accessibility to all parts of the window and headache-free cleaning. Lastly, the window is the only double hung to offer an interior retractable screen, allowing you to benefit from all factors of the screen but sacrifice nothing aesthetically on the exterior.

Whatever the situation might entail, the Ultimate Double Hung window has an answer. 

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Marvin introduces the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung

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