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Let the Sunshine In: How Windows Keep Us Happy, Healthy and Safe

January 20, 2022

Windows are the eyes to the soul of our homes. They expand rooms, bring the world in, suffuse the room with light. And, while they contribute so much to the style, beauty, and value of homes, windows have important functionality, too. High quality, well-sealed, double-paned windows let the good in, guard against the bad. Plus, recent research shows that windows help keep us happy, healthy, and calm.

This blog is a celebration of all that windows do for us. To celebrate windows is foremost to to celebrate light. And that, it turns out, is to celebrate our lives together.

Through the Seasons of Our Lives Windows Make Memories
Think back through memories of life in your home and you’ll find that many of life’s best moments are lived in the light of a window. Gazing out a window can give us the little meditative breaks that we need. Windows also bring us together. Picture bouncing a baby up and down in front of a picture window, showing her the world for the first time. Watching a lightning storm with a wide-eyed child, safe and sound inside. Waking to a sunny day after a week of rain and throwing the window open. A moment glancing up from your computer to watch the wind-blown trees. A cold winter morning waking to the magic of frost on the glass. A cup of tea and a book in your favorite window nook. Or coffee and a chat with your partner in the morning light of the kitchen window.

The simple act of gazing out the window gives us a moment to reflect in the light of world we love, even if the seasonal weather keeps us in. On a rainy spring day, the first cloud break light whispers through the window while we watch, warm and dry inside. In August the room becomes an amphitheater of light; we enjoy it without the stifling heat. Cool Autumn winds bring a rain of colored leaves down and we’re snug on the couch, admiring the show. Winter windows glow with the magic light of a snowstorm, while a child pressing his wondering face against the double-paned glass still has a warm nose.

From season to season, year to year, windows bring us together.

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