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Let Summer In With Marvin’s New Scenic Doors

Summer is here! It’s time for beautiful sunshine and warm breezes, and there is no better time to open your home to the Pacific Northwest’s one-of-a-kind natural fresh air. Here at Classic Sash & Door Company, we pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line window and door experiences to our customers and are pleased to announce yet another industry-exclusive opportunity via our partnership with Marvin featuring their new line of Scenic Doors.

Marvin Ultimatemultislide Doors Tcm96 2183570

The new series offers three different ways to bring the outdoors in by way of the Ultimate Lift and Slide door, the innovative Ultimate Multi-slide door, and the Bi-fold door. Each with their own individual uniqueness and patented Marvin care, all three options can quickly transform a home into a shaded extension of the outside world. Complete with several divided light packages, extremely energy-efficient materials, and Marvin’s one-of-a-kind signature hardware, there is a combination to perfectly fit the feel of any space.

Whether you work from home, have young children, or just want to add a new natural element to an already comfortable atmosphere, there is no longer an excuse to not enjoy the summer fun. Never before has there been such an elegant, unobstructed way to fully take in the scenic surroundings of your home. With Marvin’s new line of patio doors, there is no reason to let anything stand between you and your view.

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Let Summer In With Marvin’s New Scenic Doors

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