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Keep Portland CLASSIC!

January 20, 2022

In this article, and the social posts that go along with it, Classic Sash and Door – a truly classic Portland company since 1987 – celebrates the classic in Portland. We define classic as an elegant solution of lasting worth, timeless quality, and value. Portland’s got plenty of that. The thing about Portland – if you could boil down such an intricate city to one central characteristic – is that it loves classic. From coffee to food to music to architecture, it likes things done passionately well. Old things that have endured and aged well. New things that promise to enhance the city for decades.

Portland’s a town of music aficionados who dig reel-to-reel and vinyl for the sound quality. It’s a town that loves its bridges, each with its own character, that span the river, from the grittily industrial Steel Bridge to the graceful arcs and needlelike spires of St. John’s to the elegant new Tilikum Crossing. It loves the funk of the iconic Powell’s Books, a square expanse of concrete and glass, with its signature marquis, – still defiantly there, defiantly vibrant, though it’s now surrounded by steel and glass condo and office buildings. It loves the roaring twenties splendor of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall with its gigantic exclamation point sign, proclaiming “Portland”! Portland loves the Byzantine polychrome terra cotta towers of the Hollywood Theater. And, although Portland’s filling up with high rise towers, it still loves the old brick and stone of Old Town, heralded by the White Stag Sign.

Portland loves local. It loves local coffee roasters and cafes that concentrate on great coffee and great, locally baked goods, not slick marketing. Portlanders love local food from local farmers served in food carts, local bands, local artists, local watering holes located close by in the vibrant and varied neighborhoods of the east side.

Finally, Portlanders adore the delightful menagerie of home styles to choose from here. Reciting them sounds like an architectural litany: Bungalows and Craftsman, Cape Cod, Colonial (Dutch, French, Georgian, German, Mid-Atlantic, or Spanish), Contemporary, Foursquare (Old Portland), Mid-Century Modern, Ranch, Tudor Revival, and of course, Victorian. What all these period architectural styles have in common is that they are, in a word, classic. Each style an elegant solution of solution of lasting worth and timeless quality.

That’s where Classic Sash and Door comes in. Since 1987 we’ve been helping Portland homeowners transform their classic homes with replacement windows and doors that match and enhance the architectural stye of their homes, while satisfying the owners’ unique aesthetics. We bring our familiarity with classic home architecture – from the 19th to the 21st century – to bear when we help homeowners find the perfect window and door solutions to upgrade their homes. The expansive lines of Marvin Windows and Simpson doors that we carry give us the latitude of choice our customers want, and our architectural knowledge lets us help them home in to just the right solution.

So you could say that we’re a classic company, here to help keep Portland classic – where classic means a healthy mix of respect for the craftsmanship and designs of the past, the visions and lifestyle needs of the present, and the legacy we leave to our city. Classic is now. Where now lasts a hundred years.