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5 Residential Window Styles You’ll Love

January 6, 2020

Replacement windows West Linn, OR

Replacement windows West Linn, OR are on your mind when you start thinking about home improvement projects. Your thoughts may turn to the type of windows available for your home. There are actually many different types of residential windows. The right style depends on the particular room and your personal taste. Every window type isn’t going to look good in every room. When you’re thinking about your perfect home, it’s nice to know what type of windows are possible.

We’ve listed a few common residential window types below. If you see a style that catches your eye, remember it.

1. Double-hung Windows

This is one of the most common types of windows. It received its name because it has two window panes that can slide up and down. You’ll often see these windows in kitchens and bedrooms. A single-hung window is similar, except only one portion of the window can move. These windows are a good option if you plan to use them constantly. They’re perfect for allowing air to enter your home.

2. Picture Window

A picture window is designed for purely aesthetic purposes. You can’t open or close any part. Picture windows show off a great view. They’re often very large. If your home has an amazing view, a picture window can set it off in an intriguing way. You need ample wall space to install a picture window.

3. Casement

A casement window opens by turning a crank. It usually opens outward. You can find the hinges on the left or the right side. These windows can often be seen in kitchens. Because they open outward, they invite cool air into your home. You should place these windows in a room where you desire sunlight and fresh air.

4. Awning

Awning window are very similar to casement windows. They’re hinged at the top instead of at the side so the open outward. Their often used in rooms where you desire fresh gusts of air. Sometimes they’re situated on top of, or at the side of, another window that doesn’t open.

5. Transom Window

If it’s light you seek, look a transom windows. These are placed above a door or another window to allow more light to enter a room. They can either be stationary and you can’t open them, or the opposite is true.

When you decide the type of window you want in each room, you know what to look for if you’re house hunting, or what to design if you’re renovating your home. Amazing windows will make you happy because you’ll constantly be able to enjoy the view.

Owning a home gives you responsibilities. If you care about your own comfort or financial interests, you’ll keep your home in great shape.

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