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5 Interesting Fact About Windows

February 17, 2020

replacement windows West Linn, OR

If you know everything about windows, your replacement windows West Linn, OR, project will go smoothly. These are interesting tidbits that you can whip out during cocktail parties and other situations that call for sustained small talk.

1. Early Windows Used Paper

Surprisingly, the first domestic windows were not made of glass. At first, they were simply cut-outs in the wall. Obviously, this method has a lot of problems. You’re not protected from the elements at all. The next upgrade was to use waxy paper where we now use glass. It sounds strange, but it actually made sense at the time. Wax paper was much cheaper and easier to procure. It’s believed that this method originated in East Asia.

2. Windows Were a Luxury

By now, you will not be surprised to learn that windows were considered a luxury throughout most of humankind’s history. Now, it’s almost unheard of for a dwelling not to have multiple windows. However, many people still believe that gorgeous windows can only be afforded by the rich. However, that’s just not true anymore. If you work with a great company, your windows will be affordable and easy to manage.

3. Windows Held Cultural Significance

You are probably familiar with stained glass windows. Although in modern times they can be used anywhere, and indeed are often used to decorate people’s homes. However, in the past, they were almost exclusively the domain of religious centers. These places could afford the high fee required to build and maintain the window.

4. Windows Can Change

Your home’s windows are more flexible than you may think. If you work with a skilled crew, you can easily change or replace your window so that it suits your purpose more. This won’t be free, but doing so will increase the value of your home. You may even be able to get your money back when you eventually sell your home.

5. Windows Are Varied

There are many, many different types of windows. Your home likely has multiple different styles. The same room may even hold different types. Discovering the right kind of window for each home takes skill. You may desire a breakfast nook, or your heart may be set on a gorgeous picture window. There are no wrong answers. If you decide to make a change, you will be able to do so. Having so much variety is almost a challenge. There are too many choices, you may want to do a dozen different things.

Being a homeowner gives you the freedom to play around with your style. Your home is almost an extension of you. This is true even if you live with family and friends. You can take account of the entire family’s needs before you make changes to the structure of the building.

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