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4 Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before You Sell

April 6, 2020

replacement windows West Linn, OR

Your replacement windows West Linn, OR, are just one part of what you need to ask your realtor about. When you’re selling your home, repairs take on a new look. You can do them yourself and add the cost to your asking price or you can leave it up to the buyer. If you choose the last option, they may request a reduced price.

You can make the process easier on yourself if you ask a few questions first. It’s better to go into the sale with your eyes open.

1. Is It a Seller’s Market?

Timing matters when it comes to selling property. In fact, it may be the most important element. Selling when the market is hot can lead to more money than selling when the market is tepid. Waiting for a few months or even longer can result in a lot of money. This is one of the biggest ways that working with a realtor is helpful.

2. What’s Our Asking Price?

Now that you know when to list your home, it’s time to worry about the asking price. This, obviously, can make or break your sales. Listing your home for too low of a price can be as damaging as listing it too high. You should have your own ideas about this, but you should also be open to listening to an expert. If you and realtor can’t agree on the asking price, it will be very hard to work together.

3. Should I Make Repairs?

You’re ready to sell your home. Is it in the right condition? You don’t need to repair anything to make a sale. There are buyers that specifically look for properties that need extra attention. However, this will affect the sale price. Sometimes, this is the best option. For example, look at your windows. They may need to be replaced. If you do it yourself, you’ll have to raise your asking price.

4. What’s the Plan?

It’s time for an overall plan. If you do it right, you might be able to make things easier for yourself. Working on your home is a great idea. Even when you’re selling it, you may still be attached. It’s very exciting to work on both buying a new property and selling your old.

Working with a realtor can be very stressful no matter which side of the selling process you’re on. However, it can also make everything easier. If you decide to skip working with a realtor, you can ask yourself the same questions you planned to ask the professional. The process is the same, it can simply be hard to navigate on your own.

Potential buyers react to nice properties. That’s what they want to see. It’s more pleasant for everyone involved.

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