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Classic Sash & Door Company turns 30!

All of us at Classic Sash & Door would like to thank our clients for a really wonderful 2016. This past year has been full of great projects which exemplify the spirit of our tag line: “Transform you classic home.”

The coming year marks our 30th year of being in business. I started the company in September of 1987, and I can honestly say I get just as excited about windows and doors today as I did when my hair was a different color (no gray) and it was regularly commented how “young” I was. I miss those days…

If thirty years have taught me anything, it is that the nearest we can come to perfection is continuously working to improve – and this remains my personal goal for 2017, as it is for everyone on our staff. To strive to get better. Every day. Collectively growing and providing our clients with unsurpassed service.

We wish all of you the very best in the coming year – and if you (or someone you know) is looking for replacement windows and doors in 2017, I hope you’ll give us a call or stop by our showroom. We sincerely respect your trust, and appreciate your business.

Warm regards,

Mark Bell


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Wrapping up 2015

Happy holidays! We hope you have had a warm welcome to this wet season. As the palette of autumn colors begins to fade and give way to winter, our homes become our sanctuaries. Shielding us from the cold outside, a home sets the stage for the family to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Consequently, your home deserves some extra attention as well, and we here at Classic Sash & Door are committed to helping make that happen 12-months a year.

Though the rain may not be as pleasant to work in, we understand that caring for your home is a 365 day job. Rain or shine, we guarantee the work to get done with the same care and quality Classic Sash has provided for over 28 years.

As the year comes to a close, we would also like to thank everyone for 2015. Year after year we try to grow as a company, but none of it would be possible without each of you. We know the kind of trust necessary to allow people to work on your home, and we are grateful to everyone that shows that trust in us. We look forward to 2016 and continuing to assist your window and door projects in any way we can.

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Marvin introduces the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung

Hello and happy fall! Once again that time when kids return to class and school-nights set the stage for family fun. Often times the transition into fall can be complete with a diverse set of rainy days and dry nights, leaving a homeowner in a constant struggle between circulating the natural ventilation or holing up and hunkering down. As Portland’s scorching summer eases into fall’s blend of gloom and glamour, we here at Classic Sash invite you to take a look at Marvin’s Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window and its ability to provide the perfect setting for any weather condition.

As they do so often, Marvin has once again raised the bar in innovation. The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is the first and only window to come equipped with a keeperless hardware system, rather than relying on a traditional window lock. With one slide of the sash lock, you have access to operate both sashes completely independent of each other. Whether it’s a sunny Saturday and you want maximum ventilation or it’s a Sunday down-pour and you need to keep all the warm air you can, this window has you covered.

Additionally, the window offers a vent-mode in which the window can be locked in place with only four inches of clearance to provide just the right amount of air flow. Tilt mode, yet another new element of the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, features a push button on the sash lock that allows for simple tilting of the lower sash for easy accessibility to all parts of the window and headache-free cleaning. Lastly, the window is the only double hung to offer an interior retractable screen, allowing you to benefit from all factors of the screen but sacrifice nothing aesthetically on the exterior.

Whatever the situation might entail, the Ultimate Double Hung window has an answer. For video tutorials and more information please see the Marvin website: http://www.marvin.com/marvin/windows/double-hung

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Your perfect Front Entry Door is waiting…

How do you view your front door? Do you see it as a first impression, the initial entryway into your personal escape from the outside world, or just a roadblock to filter who are welcomed from those who are not? Here at Classic Sash, we understand the pride taken in all parts of your home; however, we take a special interest in the areas of windows and doors—especially when it comes to front entry doors.

We have long been passionate about the importance of front entry doors and the positive effects they can have on one’s home. Nevertheless, our collaboration with Bo Sullivan of Arcalus Period Design has added an entirely new depth to our service capabilities.

As the former Senior Designer and Architectural Historian for 20 years at Rejuvenation, Bo has become fluent in “house-speak,” with an enthusiasm for custom entry doors. Bo’s design expertise, dating back to the 1800s’ through current day contemporary work, is unmatched around the city and allows homeowners to create a personal picture-perfect entryway setting that complements and enhances the style of their home.

“What if I don’t know much, or anything at all, about classic home design? How do I know what I want?” you might ask.

No need to fret. Bo’s collection of dozens of historic mill work catalogues offers inspiration and ideas to help visualize the ideal entry door for your home.

As Bo likes to put it, the relationship between a house and homeowner is much like a dance—one or the other can take the lead, but both need to work together. Whether you are the star of the dance or your home takes the first step, we here at Classic Sash invite you to begin that dance with us.

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Let summer in with Marvin’s new Scenic Doors

Marvin's Ultimate Multi-slide door

Marvin’s Ultimate Multi-slide door

Summer is here! It’s time for beautiful sunshine and warm breezes, and there is no better time to open your home to the Pacific Northwest’s one of a kind natural fresh air. Here at Classic Sash & Door Company, we pride ourselves on providing top of the line window and door experiences to our customers, and are pleased to announce yet another industry-exclusive opportunity via our partnership with Marvin featuring their new line of Scenic Doors.

The new series offers three different ways to bring the outdoors in by way of the Ultimate Lift and Slide door, the innovative Ultimate Multi-slide door, and the Bi-fold door. Each with their own individual uniqueness and patented Marvin care, all three options can quickly transform a home into a shaded extension of the outside world. Complete with several divided light packages, extremely energy efficient materials, and Marvin’s one-of-a-kind signature hardware, there is a combination to perfectly fit the feel of any space.

Whether you work from home, have young children, or just want to add a new natural element to an already comfortable atmosphere, there is no longer an excuse to not enjoy the summer fun. Never before has there been such an elegant, unobstructed way to fully take in the scenic surroundings of your home. With Marvin’s new line of patio doors, there is no reason to let anything stand between you and your view.

For more information and details, visit Marvin’s website here: http://www.marvin.com/marvin/doors/scenic

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Greetings in 2014!


A new year is always a great time to make plans… plans for travel, plans for fitness, plans for financial goals – plans for simply making your life better. One of the phrases my dad often said to me was “Plan your work and work your plan.” Like so many things our parents tell us growing up, the years go by and the words gain more meaning.

Planning is an essential part of any successful endeavor. One area where planning has particular value is remodeling our homes (a gentleman I know once commented he’d like to have back all the money he’d spent remodeling his own remodels…). When working on our homes, having a “big picture” and getting it right the first go-around saves money, time and a lot of headaches. Having an overall plan – prior to even picking colors for a room – can ensure that every project ticked off our list contributes to the big picture.

At Classic Sash, one of the ways we always try to add value for our clients is with thoughtful, timeless design. We’re pleased to announce a new partnership in 2014 that will raise the bar in our ability to provide the best in door and window support, while also establishing the opportunity for more complete, whole-house planning.

Bo Sullivan

Bo Sullivan

Bo Sullivan of Arcalus Period Design will be joining Classic Sash & Door in our new location at 1106 SE 6th Avenue, working with our clients on replacement window and door projects, while offering more extensive design consultation packages as well. Bo has been the historical design guru at Rejuvenation for the past 20 years, and we have worked together on many projects (not the least of which – our newly remodeled showroom). His creative expertise spans all periods, from the turn of the century through mid-century modern and beyond.

We are excited about collaborating with Bo – especially in our new program of custom-designed entry doors – to help Portland-area homeowners get it right the first time.

From all of us at Classic Sash we thank you for your business, friendship and trust. We wish each of you a safe and prosperous 2014 and look forward to helping with all your window and door solutions.

Warm Regards,

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Window Condensation: Causes & Cures

Condensation (afternoon)If you are noticing excess moisture accumulation on the inside of your windows, it may be an indication that humidity is exceeding desirable levels. Glass doors and windows are typically the coolest areas in a home. Since the cool air close to these glass surfaces cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, windows and doors are the first places that condensation gathers.

Sweating windows are not defective; rather, they are the most visible indication that your home is too humid, doesn’t have adequate ventilation, or both. If water is accumulating on glass, chances are it’s accumulating on other, harder-to-see surfaces such as wall and roof cavities.

Some suggestions to alleviate excess moisture in your home are:

  • Vent your crawl spaces and/or cover interior dirt spaces with plastic to create a vapor barrier.
  • Keep window coverings open during the day to allow air circulation and make sure patio doors have vents beneath them.
  • Run a dehumidifier in the basement can reduce musty odors and mold.
  • Minimize indoor firewood storage
  • Install energy-efficient windows and doors, such as those with insulating Low E II coatings!

See more information in this brochure from Marvin.